FBCLC has been part of the Crescenta Valley community for over 65 years.  It was founded on the basis that God's love for each of us is one of the important truths of life.  In 1945, a group of Swedish-Americans founded this church.  Today, FBCLC is a diverse congregation celebrating our unity in Christ. 


"To introduce people to Jesus Christ, to help them grow to be more like Him, and then to replicate the process in others."


We are committed to be a church that is passionately striving to know and love God.  This commitment will find expression in four verbs:  Worship, Connect, Serve and Reach.

WORSHIP:  We are committed to be a church where people of all ages and backgrounds actively engage in heartfelt worship, including serving, giving, teaching of God’s Word, and observing the ordinances.  We will strive to give glory to God through dynamic, creative, and uplifting corporate worship, to live a life of personal worship that overflows into radiant public worship, and to appreciate various worship preferences.

CONNECT: We are committed to be a church where everyone is connected to a small group of believers for the purpose of spiritual growth, fellowship, Bible study and prayer.  Small groups are safe places where, in the context of loving relationships, individuals are free to ask questions, share struggles, minister to one another, use their spiritual gifts, develop their leadership skills and grow into maturity. 

SERVE:  We are committed to be a church where every member knows their spiritual gifts and are enthusiastically using their gifts to serve God, both inside and outside the church; where we continue to grow in understanding of how our ministries and gifts help fulfill the Great Commission and enables the church body to grow into full maturity in Christ.

REACH:  We are committed to be a church where every member is deeply actively reaching out to the greater Crescenta Valley in practical, caring, and intentional ways.  We will strive to recognize our network of unchurched friends and family members, and intentionally seek opportunities to introduce them into a relationship to Christ.  We will do this by building relationship, praying regularly and personally for each one, sharing our spiritual journey, explaining the Gospel, and inviting them to church events.  We will be a church where every member understands the Gospel, and is comfortable explaining the Gospel to a non-believer.   We, as First Baptist Church at La Crescenta, will join hands with likeminded churches in the greater Crescenta Valley to more effectively fulfill the Great Commission.  This includes hosting and cooperating with ethnic congregations on our church campus, joining together with other churches to pray for the CV valley, and cooperating in joint community outreaches and ministries.

For questions contact: questions@fbclc.org
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